West 38

East 21


January 17, 1960


By Jack Teele


Johnny Unitas, the Baltimore Colts' "Mr. U.", made a sharp U-turn early in the first quarter at the Coliseum Sunday and led the West All-Stars to A 38-21 victory over the East in the 10th Pro Bowl Game.


Unitas' first pass of the game was juggled by Ram end Del Shofner, intercepted and returned 22 yards for a touchdown by Jim Patton of the East.


But, faced with a 7-0 deficit of his own making, Unitas lost little time in proving once again that you can bring him to a boulevard stop, but never keep the red light on his quarterbacking brilliance.


Three minutes, 36 seconds after his first disastrous pass, he pitched 22 yards to Colt teammate Ray Berry in the end zone and the score was tied 7-7.


Before the first half was over, Unitas almost had cinched his "player of the game" trophy and the West almost had cinched victory with a 31-14 advantage.


The old Pro Bowl record for touchdown passes by one player was two, but Unitas had three before the first half was history.


For the day, "Mr. U." competed 14 of 22 passes for 87 yards and 3 touchdowns. He added 43 yards rushing in six carries and some daring play calling to win the top laurel.


But Unitas was not the whole story.


Football's "man of the year" had to share the spotlight with Colt mates Berry and Len Moore, Ram stars Shofner and Jon Arnett, Green Bay's Paul Hornung and 49er QB Y. A Tittle


And while this coach's dream unit was breaking the old game record of 31 points, the West defense was making it lopsided.


The West defense rushed old Bobby Layne into four interceptions and a 39 percent completion average and then put on possibly the most brilliant goal line stand in the game's history in the fourth quarter.


Layne was forced to go the route when Norm Van Brocklin was bedded by the flu and did not suit up. After the game, Layne admitted he, too, was ready for a long rest.


Actually, he spent considerable time on his back during the game.


Winning Coach Red Hickey of the 49ers, said postgame that, "Unitas or Arnett had to be player of the game."


The smiling redhead then winked and added, "Personally, I thought Arnett was the best."


The Rams' Jaguar did have perhaps his best day of the season at the coliseum. He led all rushers with 61 yards in 11 carries, caught two passes for 44 yards and was brilliant on several punt returns.


Offensively, the story was an old one: Ram stars Arnett and Shofner got a lion's share of the yardage between the two 20-yard line stripes, but the Colts got most of the touchdowns.


In addition to the scoring antics, the slightly below average crowd of 56,876 was treated to the goal line stand we mentioned earlier. It came in the fourth quarter and helped Colt Gene (Big Daddy) Lipscomb win a trophy as "lineman of the game."


In seven plays after gaining a first-and-goal situation on the West five, the East's great backs could manage only three yards forward (2 by penalty).


That they scored on a pass play on the eighth play almost was anti-climactic.


Here's how it unfolded as the cheers of the crowd grew with each play:


First down, five to go on five-yard line: Crow at left tackle for one yard.


2-4-4: Bosseler around right end for one yard.


3-3-3: Crow thrown for two yard loss on sweep.


4-5-5: Gifford sent into game and tried pass on option play. Gifford was smeared, but Barnes, was called for holding intended receiver McDonald in end zone. So East for had an automatic first down on the West's two. Then


1-2-2: Lipscomb held Bosseler to no gain.


2-2-2: Lipscomb held Gifford to no gain in run at guard.


3-2-3: Emlen Tunnell stopped Jim Brown for no gain.


4-2-2: Layne passed into right flat to Brown for touchdown.


Even though they finally gave up the touchdown, Westerners Lipscomb, Tunnell, Barnes, Les Richter, Bill George, Leo Nomellini, Gino Marchetti, Yale Lary and others had pulled a near miracle.


The complete miracle, however, belonged to Unitas and the other Colt greats. To them also belongs pro football, 1959. They put an exclamation point behind their claim Sunday.


Paul Hornung of the West carries after handoff from Unitas in the background.


The Rams' Joe Arnett had 61 yards rushing and 44 yards receiving.


J.D Smith carries behind blocking of Bob St. Clair.


Y.A Tittle sets to throw under pressure.

Frank Gifford carries on a sweep for the East.


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