World Football League Program Art 1974-1975


The World Football League existed from 1974-75.  There are few examples of program cartoon art, but here are a few.

The Hawaiians of Honolulu vs. the Southern California Sun, 1975.


The Southern California Sun.


The Chicago Fire.

The Hawaiians


Two programs from the 1975 San Antonio Wings.


Birmingham Vulcans vs. Philadelphia Bell, 1975.


The Birmingham Vulcans provided the best example of program art cartoons in the 1975 season

Birmingham vs Portland Thunder.

Birmingham vs. Southern California Sun.


Birmingham vs.Chicago Winds.

Birmingham vs. Shreveport Steamer.

Birmingham vs. San Antonio Wings.



Program cover depicting helmets.


This collage which touted the WFL's planned expansion into the international market appeared on program covers in 1974.


This collage also appeared in 1974 featuring all the teams of the WFL.


New York Stars advertisement poster.