Virgil Carter/Ken Anderson

Cincinnati Bengals



When Greg Cook was injured, Virgil Carter took over at quarterback for Cincinnati. And this past season when Carter was forced out of action, Ken Anderson took over, gaining some of the experience that likely will make him the Bengals' No. 1 quarterback in the future.

A 6-foot-1, 202-pound product of little Augustana, Il1., College drafted in the third round by the Bengals, Anderson is considered to have more equipment than Carter, particularly when it comes to throwing the ball.

But the Scouts shied away, at this early stage, from rating Anderson after just one season. Carter, meanwhile, remains No. 1 and, despite the scouts low appraisal of his equipment, there is no denying that the 6-foot-l, 200-pound, five-year veteran gets the most out of his skimpy equipment.

A product of Brigham Young who was let go by both the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills, Carter also excites crowds with his scrambling when his protection breaks down and should not be counted out in any head-to-head battle with Anderson.

First, because Carter has proved capable of handling the job adequately, and second, because Anderson cannot yet match the experience Carter has.

Virgil Carter




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