Don Horn

Denver Broncos



The question that plagues the scouts whenever Don Horn is mentioned is whether he was overrated when he was first drafted or whether there is another reason he has not been able to progress.

As a matter of fact, the scouts' rating would indicate that instead of progressing Horn may have regressed.

Now 26 and with five pro seasons behind him, Horn was acquired by Denver from the Green Bay Packers, who gave up on him as the successor to Bart Starr despite the fact they had thought highly enough of him originally to make him a No. 1 draft choice out of San Diego State.

The Packers' estimate of Horn's ability when they traded him was obvious from the fact that they asked in return only a reserve defensive end. And the scouts' appraisal reaffirms their judgment, Horn failing to get more than an average grade in any of the five departments.

Horn, however, did receive some threes in set-up speed and throwing ability, indicating in the scouts' evaluation that he has not been able to embellish his natural tools in the five years he has been wearing an NFL uniform.

There are, of course, examples of quarterbacks who have matured later in their NFL careers than Horn. But if there isn't a turnabout soon Horn will join a host of others who, despite good credentials, never made it.

Don Horn  
Leadership 2
Reaction under pressure 2
Set-up speed 3
Throwing ability 3
Reading defenses 1
Total 11