Orange Bowl



Georgia 14

Missouri 0



Georgia Fight Song


Missouri, which wasn't supposed to be in the tame class with Georgia in their Orange Bowl football game, was outclassed in only one rather important department- the final score.


The 75, 280 fans sitting in the vast, sun-drenched stadium watched in various degrees of astonishment as the Missourians, who finished second in the Big Eight Conference, played the Southeastern Conference champions to a standstill Friday.


Only the Tigers' failure to bottle up rubber-armed Francis Tarkenton on two occasions constituted "the difference" as the two teams battled in a bruising, bitterly fought contest.


On those two occasions Tarkenton rifled long passes down the middle to Bill McKenny and Aaron Box, respectively, for touchdowns. Durward Pennington kicked the extra points and that was it: Georgia 14, Missouri 0.


"We didn't play our best game," Georgia coach Wally Butts said. "Our morale was not good. It definitely was our worst game of the year."


"We came down to win, but the best team won," said Missouri coach Danny Devine. "We planned to rush the passer, and the two touchdowns they got were when their passer got away from our rushing." '


Rush the passer they did, with the result the Bulldogs completed only 9 of 21 tosses for a total of 128 yards, far below their usual performance. Phil Snowden, the lanky Missouri passer, was rated only so-so in comparison with Georgia's artists; Snowden completed 11 to 17 for 152 yards and the overall Missouri passing record was 14 of 24 for 180 yards,


But the Missourians couldn't make their threats materialize into anything but threats, and that was the difference. When Tarkenton had his chances, he made good on them for scores- on a flip to Bill McKenny at the end of the first quarter for 29 yards, and another to Aaron Box for 33 yards in the 3rd quarter.


There was little to choose between the ground games of the two teams. Both started out with tentative thrusts at the respective lines to see if there were weak spots they could exploit. There weren't, so it became  largely an aerial battle, although there were some fine runs sprinkled in Missouri's Mel West, a whirling, hard driving speedster was a constant threat, and the same was true of Charley Britt, Georgia's fine safetyman. Britt also intercepted two passes.  


Georgia gained 130 yards rushing and Missouri 122, giving an indication of the hard-nosed football down front.


Missouri's most consistent offense came in early in the final period, and was featured by a flashy forward-lateral play good for 28 yards. It went Snowden to Russ Sloan to West. The drive started on the Missouri 4 and carried to the Georgia 13 before wilting.


On another drive, in the second period, the Tigers went from their 14 to the Georgia10, and after a penalty set them back 15 yards, Britt intercepted a Snowden toss on the one and that was that. The kick was wide.


One bowl record was set in the game. Bobby Walden, Georgia's great punter, averaged 46.9 yards. One of his boots traveling 68 yards in the air.


Frustrated on the ground and in the air, Missouri tried to settle for 3 points in the second quarter. West tried a field goal from the Georgia 23. The kick was wide.


Georgia's Bill McKenny tumbles over for first touchdown of the game.


Danny LaRose and the Missouri defense kept it close.


Mizzou's Fred Brossart shakes off a Bulldog.

Georgia quarterback Fran Tarkenton.


Norm Beal stopped by Georgia defensive hero, Charlie Britt. Bobby Walden carries into the teeth of the Mizzou defense.


Attendance: 75,280


Scoring Summary


First Quarter

UGA- McKenny 29 yard pass from Tarkenton (Pennington kick)


Third Quarter

UGA- Box 33 yard pass from Tarkenton (Pennington kick)


Individual Statistics



MU- West 9-37, Smith 14-21, Beal 3-12

UGA- Brown 10-39



MU- Snowden 11-17-152

UGA- Tarkenton 9-16-113



MU- Sloan 6-73, West 1-40, Smith 3-35, Carpenter 2-23

UGA- Brown 3-29, Herron 2-26, Box 1-33, McKenny 2-25