I used to love New Year's Day when I was a kid in the 1960's because of the college bowl lineup. There were four major bowl games played back-to-back starting in the morning and ending with the Orange Bowl from Miami in the evening. Some years, one or two games were of significance in deciding the national title. But, many years there was a huge question of who was number one and the issue could only be decided after all of the games had been played. The greatest years were probably 1966, 1971 and 1978 with the domino upsets that led to Alabama, Nebraska and Notre Dame’s national titles, respectively.


The bowl season was always special at my house. My brother went to Notre Dame and, in the 1970's, they were always in the discussion for the national title. It touched me very personally one year when a Notre Dame fan, a family friend named Monte, cajoled my brother and I into coming to his house to watch the Independence Bowl in 1997 between ND and LSU. We both sensed that something was wrong and he would announce that night that he was going to a Wichita, Ks  hospital for tests. Within a few months, he had passed on. I still wait for the next Notre Dame national championship so I can toast him on the other side. That was the nature of our relationship. It was defined by the love of the college game. And, my God, was he a bowl lover. Football has always tied us all together. I saved a ton of memorabilia, photos and data over the years and decided to compile it into these pages for safekeeping.


The era of the bowls gave way to the BCS, a system that was intended to narrow the season and the national championship down to two teams through the use of the voter polls, press polls and a computer rating system. For the most part, it provided a match up that sufficed in selecting the true national champion. Most years, there was no doubt at all that it provided a true national champion. Of course, some years team were left on the outside looking in. The real controversies arose, not over who was playing in the national title game, The BCS Championship, but who earned the right to be featured in one of the four big money BCS games. Those marques match ups were vital to recruiting and national exposure. The BCS era also became the era of the SEC. There is little doubt that the SEC was certainly deserving of the title appearances and proved it on the field with seven straight championships from 2007 through 2013.

Beginning with the 2014-2015 season, college football will finally enter into the playoff era. A selection committee will choose what it deems as the best four teams, who will be paired in semifinal games on New Years Eve and New Years Day. The semifinal games will rotate between six different traditional bowl game sites (Orange, Rose, Sugar, Fiesta Cotton, Peach). The National Championship will be played on a Monday night approximately one week to ten days later. The rest of the bowls will continue to be played as in the past.

The new playoff system will come close to deciding the issue on the field. It is likely that the playoff will expand to eight teams at some point in the future. Sixteen may be too many. And, with the advent of the playoff and future evolution it is less likely that a team with a realistic chance to win it all will be left out in the cold. A nice feature of the current format is that it will certainly bring focus back to New Years Eve and New Years Day. Something that the BCS system diminished. Prior to the BCS, New Year's Day was like Super Bowl Sunday in the hearts of Americans.  Remember Jerry Tagge plunging in over LSU in the Orange Bowl in 1971 to settle the question after a grueling, long day of football upsets viewed live by millions across the nation? However, in those days, there often was a team left out, claiming that they were the true national champions. Fans longed for one or two more games that could have truly decided the issue. Finally, we will have that.


The cries for a playoff go back decades. One good example I pulled from Chris Schenkel's Sportscene football annual of 1971. Click Here to read the article written by written by Schenkel.



The Era of the BCS.



Click HERE to view a few newspaper cartoons of ridicule.



Before the BCS, It Was Often Confusing.



As big a bowl fan as I am, I must admit that rampant confusion often followed the New Year's Bowls. The mythical championship seemed to always be in question. Sometimes, the old system lucked out and there was only one undefeated team. But, about every ten years, the domino upset effect left everyone begging for a playoff.

Before 1968, the national champion was the team that finished number one in the the regular season. Although this was anti-climatic, it avoided a good deal of controversy. When that changed, all hell broke loose. The 70's became a decade of controversy. I remember how refreshing it was in that rare, "no doubt" season of 1987, when Miami and Penn State squared off as #1 and #2 to settle things. But, because of conference alignments with bowls, that was unusual.


Here are few pre-BCS articles from seasons that left the fans scratching their heads or arguing the vote for the next 8 months:


1966 1971 1974 1976 1977 1978 1985 1990







The Best Bowl Day Ever




Alamo Bowl All American Bowl Aloha Bowl Armed Forces Bowl
Bacardi Bowl BCS Championship Bluebonnet Bowl Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
California Bowl Camellia Bowl Capital One Bowl Carquest Bowl
Champs Sports Bowl Cherry Bowl Chick-fil-A Bowl Christmas Festival
Citrus Bowl Copper Bowl Cotton Bowl EagleBank Bowl
Emerald Bowl Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Fiesta Bowl Fort Worth Bowl
Freedom Bowl Gallery Furniture Bowl Garden State Bowl Gator Bowl Bowl GMAC Bowl Gotham Bowl Hall of Fame Bowl
Hall of Fame Classic Harbor Bowl Hawaii Bowl Holiday Bowl
Houston Bowl Humanitarian Bowl Ice Bowl Independence Bowl
Insight Bowl International Bowl Las Vegas Bowl Liberty Bowl
Little Caesars Pizza Bowl Lodi Grape Bowl Mazda Tangerine Bowl Meineke Car Care Bowl
Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas Mercy Bowl Bowl Military Bowl
Motor City Bowl MPC Computers Bowl Music City Bowl New Mexico Bowl
New Orleans Bowl Oahu Bowl Oil Bowl Orange Bowl
Outback Bowl Peach Bowl Pineapple Bowl Pinstripe Bowl
Poinsettia Bowl Raisin Bowl Rose Bowl Salad Bowl

San Francisco Bowl

Seattle Bowl

Spaghetti Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Sun Bowl

Tangerine Bowl

Texas Bowl

TicketCity Bowl

Treasury Bond Bowl      


Small College Classics
Grantland Rice Bowl Boardwalk Bowl
Tangerine Bowl Pecan Bowl
Pioneer Bowl
National Junior College Championship FCS National Championship Game



1997 Alamo Bowl
1998 Alamo Bowl
2002 Alamo Bowl

2004 Alamo Bowl

2008 Alamo Bowl

2010 Alamo Bowl

2011 Alamo Bowl

2012 Alamo Bowl

1989 All American Bowl

1984 Aloha Bowl

1988 Aloha Bowl

1992 Aloha Bowl
1995 Aloha Bowl
1996 Aloha Bowl

1997 Aloha Bowl

2007 Armed Forces Bowl

2008 Armed Forces Bowl

2010 Armed Forces Bowl

2011 Armed Forces Bowl

1907 Bacardi Bowl

1937 Bacardi Bowl

2007 BCS Championship Game

2008 BCS Championship Game

2010 BCS Championship Game

2011 BCS Championship Game

2013 BCS Championship Game

1960 Bluebonnet Bowl

1961 Bluebonnet Bowl

1962 Bluebonnet Bowl

1964 Bluebonnet Bowl

1965 Bluebonnet Bowl
1968 Bluebonnet Bowl

1969 Bluebonnet Bowl

1970 Bluebonnet Bowl

1971 Bluebonnet Bowl

1973 Bluebonnet Bowl

1976 Bluebonnet Bowl

1981 Bluebonnet Bowl

1982 Bluebonnet Bowl

1986 Bluebonnet Bowl

1969 Boardwalk Bowl

2012 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

1987 California Bowl

1948 Camellia Bowl

2004 Capital One Bowl
2005 Capital One Bowl

2007 Capital One Bowl

2008 Capital One Bowl

2010 Capital One Bowl

1995 Carquest Bowl

2007 Champs Sports Bowl
1984 Cherry Bowl

2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl

2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl

1924 Christmas Festival
1991 Citrus Bowl

2004 Continental Tire Bowl

1991 Copper Bowl
1993 Copper Bowl
1995 Copper Bowl

1937 Cotton Bowl

1944 Cotton Bowl

1946 Cotton Bowl

1948 Cotton Bowl
1954 Cotton Bowl

1956 Cotton Bowl
1957 Cotton Bowl

1959 Cotton Bowl

1960 Cotton Bowl
1961 Cotton Bowl

1962 Cotton Bowl
1964 Cotton Bowl
1965 Cotton Bowl
1966 Cotton Bowl

1967 Cotton Bowl

1968 Cotton Bowl

1969 Cotton Bowl
1970 Cotton Bowl
1971 Cotton Bowl

1973 Cotton Bowl

1974 Cotton Bowl
1975 Cotton Bowl
1977 Cotton Bowl
1978 Cotton Bowl
1979 Cotton Bowl

1980 Cotton Bowl

1981 Cotton Bowl

1982 Cotton Bowl
1983 Cotton Bowl
1985 Cotton Bowl
1986 Cotton Bowl
1993 Cotton Bowl
1995 Cotton Bowl
1996 Cotton Bowl
1997 Cotton Bowl
1999 Cotton Bowl
2000 Cotton Bowl
2001 Cotton Bowl
2002 Cotton Bowl
2004 Cotton Bowl
2006 Cotton Bowl

2008 Cotton Bowl

2009 Cotton Bowl

2012 Cotton Bowl

2013 Cotton Bowl

2014 Cotton Bowl

2008 EagleBank Bowl

2009 EagleBank Bowl
2004 Emerald Bowl

2011 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

2008 FCS National Championship Game
1974 Fiesta Bowl
1975 Fiesta Bowl
1976 Fiesta Bowl

1979 Fiesta Bowl
1987 Fiesta Bowl
1989 Fiesta Bowl
1997 Fiesta Bowl

1999 Fiesta Bowl
2001 Fiesta Bowl
2002 Fiesta Bowl
2003 Fiesta Bowl
2004 Fiesta Bowl
2005 Fiesta Bowl
2006 Fiesta Bowl

2007 Fiesta Bowl

2008 Fiesta Bowl

2009 Fiesta Bowl

2010 Fiesta Bowl

2012 Fiesta Bowl

2004 Fort Worth Bowl
2005 Fort Worth Bowl

1994 Freedom Bowl

2000 Bowl

2001 Bowl
1978 Garden State Bowl

1979 Garden State Bowl

1980 Garden State Bowl
1951 Gator Bowl

1955 Gator Bowl

1956 Gator Bowl

1958 Gator Bowl

1960 Gator Bowl

1960 (December) Gator Bowl

1964 Gator Bowl

1965 Gator Bowl

1968 Gator Bowl

1971 Gator Bowl

1973 Gator Bowl

1976 Gator Bowl
1978 Gator Bowl

1979 Gator Bowl

1980 Gator Bowl

1991 Gator Bowl
1999 Gator Bowl

2006 Gator Bowl

2008 Gator Bowl

2009 Gator Bowl

2011 Gator Bowl

2004 GMAC Bowl

2010 GMAC Bowl

2014 Bowl
1962 Gotham Bowl

1965 Grantland Rice Bowl

1969 Grantland Rice Bowl

1977 Hall of Fame Classic

1979 Hall of Fame Classic

1980 Hall of Fame Classic
1981 Hall of Fame Classic

1988 Hall of Fame Bowl

1991 Hall of Fame Bowl

1993 Hall of Fame Bowl

1994 Hall of Fame Bowl

1949 Harbor Bowl

2002 Hawaii Bowl

2003 Hawaii Bowl

2007 Hawaii Bowl

2008 Hawaii Bowl

2009 Hawaii Bowl
1978 Holiday Bowl
1979 Holiday Bowl
1980 Holiday Bowl
1983 Holiday Bowl
1984 Holiday Bowl
1985 Holiday Bowl
1988 Holiday Bowl
1992 Holiday Bowl
1995 Holiday Bowl
1997 Holiday Bowl
1999 Holiday Bowl
2002 Holiday Bowl
2004 Holiday Bowl
2005 Holiday Bowl

2008 Holiday Bowl

2002 Houston Bowl

2003 Houston Bowl
2004 Houston Bowl
2005 Houston Bowl
1997 Humanitarian Bowl

2000 Humanitarian Bowl
2001 Humanitarian Bowl

2009 Humanitarian Bowl

1949 Ice Bowl

1950 Ice Bowl

1951 Ice Bowl

1952 Ice Bowl

1978 Independence Bowl
1982 Independence Bowl

1983 Independence Bowl

1984 Independence Bowl

1986 Independence Bowl

1987 Independence Bowl

1989 Independence Bowl

1992 Independence Bowl

1993 Independence Bowl
1996 Independence Bowl
1997 Independence Bowl

1998 Independence Bowl

2000 Independence Bowl

2001 Independence Bowl

2004 Independence Bowl
2005 Independence Bowl

2006 Independence Bowl

2007 Independence Bowl

2010 Independence Bowl

1998 Bowl

2000 Bowl
2005 Insight Bowl

2007 Insight Bowl

2006 Insight Bowl

2007 Insight Bowl

2008 Insight Bowl

2010 Insight Bowl

2007 International Bowl

2008 International Bowl
1997 Las Vegas Bowl
2000 Las Vegas Bowl

2001 Las Vegas Bowl

2002 Las Vegas Bowl
2004 Las Vegas Bowl

2006 Las Vegas Bowl

2007 Las Vegas Bowl

1959 Liberty Bowl

1960 Liberty Bowl

1961 Liberty Bowl

1962 Liberty Bowl

1963 Liberty Bowl

1964 Liberty Bowl

1968 Liberty Bowl

1969 Liberty Bowl
1970 Liberty Bowl

1971 Liberty Bowl

1972 Liberty Bowl
1973 Liberty Bowl

1975 Liberty Bowl

1978 Liberty Bowl

1980 Liberty Bowl

1981 Liberty Bowl
1982 Liberty Bowl

1983 Liberty Bowl

1984 Liberty Bowl

1998 Liberty Bowl

2003 Liberty Bowl
2004 Liberty Bowl

2007 Liberty Bowl

2009 Liberty Bowl

2010 Liberty Bowl

2010 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl

2012 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl

1947 Lodi Grape Bowl

2006 Meineke Car Care Bowl

2007 Meineke Car Care Bowl

2008 Meineke Car Care Bowl

2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl

2012 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas

1961 Mercy Bowl

2000 Micron PC Bowl

2011 Military Bowl

1999 Mobile Alabama Bowl
2000 Mobile Alabama Bowl
1997 Motor City Bowl
1999 Motor City Bowl

2003 Motor City Bowl

2004 Motor City Bowl

2006 Motor City Bowl

2007 Motor City Bowl

2006 MPC Computers Bowl

2006 Music City Bowl

2008 Music City Bowl

2010 Music City Bowl

2008 New Mexico Bowl

2012 New Mexico Bowl

2005 New Orleans Bowl

2006 New Orleans Bowl

2007 New Orleans Bowl

2008 New Orleans Bowl

2009 New Orleans Bowl

2011 New Orleans Bowl
1998 Oahu Bowl
1999 Oahu Bowl

1944 Oil Bowl

1946 Oil Bowl

1947 Oil Bowl
1951 Orange Bowl

1954 Orange Bowl

1958 Orange Bowl

1960 Orange Bowl

1961 Orange Bowl

1962 Orange Bowl

1964 Orange Bowl

1965 Orange Bowl
1966 Orange Bowl

1967 Orange Bowl
1969 Orange Bowl

1970 Orange Bowl
1971 Orange Bowl
1972 Orange Bowl
1973 Orange Bowl
1975 Orange Bowl
1976 Orange Bowl
1977 Orange Bowl
1978 Orange Bowl
1982 Orange Bowl
1984 Orange Bowl
1990 Orange Bowl
1991 Orange Bowl
2001 Orange Bowl
2002 Orange Bowl
2003 Orange Bowl
2005 Orange Bowl

2007 Orange Bowl

2008 Orange Bowl

2010 Orange Bowl

2011 Orange Bowl

2014 Orange Bowl

1997 Outback Bowl
1999 Outback Bowl
2001 Outback Bowl
2002 Outback Bowl

2010 Outback Bowl

2012 Outback Bowl

2013 Outback Bowl

1971 Peach Bowl

1974 Peach Bowl

1965 Pecan Bowl

1966 Pecan Bowl

1967 Pecan Bowl

1969 Pecan Bowl

2006 Pilgrim's Pride Bowl

1948 Pineapple Bowl

1949 Pineapple Bowl

1950 Pineapple Bowl

1951 Pineapple Bowl

2010 Pinstripe Bowl

1971 Pioneer Bowl

1939 Poi Classic

2005 Poinsettia Bowl

2008 Poinsettia Bowl

1948 Raisin Bowl

1949 Raisin Bowl

1916 Rose Bowl
1920 Rose Bowl

1929 Rose Bowl
1942 Rose Bowl

1944 Rose Bowl

1948 Rose Bowl

1952 Rose Bowl

1953 Rose Bowl

1956 Rose Bowl

1957 Rose Bowl

1958 Rose Bowl

1960 Rose Bowl

1961 Rose Bowl

1962 Rose Bowl
1963 Rose Bowl

1965 Rose Bowl
1966 Rose Bowl
1967 Rose Bowl
1968 Rose Bowl
1971 Rose Bowl
1972 Rose Bowl
1976 Rose Bowl
1978 Rose Bowl
1982 Rose Bowl
1984 Rose Bowl
1986 Rose Bowl
1988 Rose Bowl
1994 Rose Bowl
1995 Rose Bowl
1996 Rose Bowl
1997 Rose Bowl
1998 Rose Bowl
1999 Rose Bowl
2000 Rose Bowl
2001 Rose Bowl
2002 Rose Bowl
2003 Rose Bowl
2005 Rose Bowl
2006 Rose Bowl

2008 Rose Bowl

2010 Rose Bowl

2011 Rose Bowl

2012 Rose Bowl

2014 Rose Bowl

1949 Salad Bowl

1951 Salad Bowl

1952 Salad Bowl

2002 San Francisco Bowl
2002 Seattle Bowl

1945 Spaghetti Bowl

1948 Sugar Bowl

1950 Sugar Bowl

1951 Sugar Bowl

1955 Sugar Bowl

1956 Sugar Bowl

1957 Sugar Bowl

1961 Sugar Bowl

1962 Sugar Bowl

1963 Sugar Bowl

1966 Sugar Bowl
1968 Sugar Bowl

1969 Sugar Bowl

1970 Sugar Bowl
1971 Sugar Bowl
1972 Sugar Bowl
1973 Sugar Bowl
1977 Sugar Bowl
1979 Sugar Bowl
1981 Sugar Bowl
1982 Sugar Bowl

1984 Sugar Bowl

1993 Sugar Bowl

2002 Sugar Bowl
2004 Sugar Bowl

2005 Sugar Bowl

2008 Sugar Bowl

2009 Sugar Bowl

2011 Sugar Bowl

2012 Sugar Bowl

2013 Sugar Bowl

2014 Sugar Bowl

1943 Sun Bowl

1959 Sun Bowl

1960 Sun Bowl
1961 Sun Bowl

1963 Sun Bowl

1964 Sun Bowl

1967 Sun Bowl

1968 Sun Bowl

1970 Sun Bowl
1971 Sun Bowl

1974 Sun Bowl
1975 Sun Bowl
1977 Sun Bowl

1981 Sun Bowl

1983 Sun Bowl

1985 Sun Bowl
1987 Sun Bowl

1992 Sun Bowl

1998 Sun Bowl

2001 Sun Bowl
2003 Sun Bowl

2005 Sun Bowl

2006 Sun Bowl

2008 Sun Bowl

2009 Sun Bowl

1957 Tangerine Bowl

1962 Tangerine Bowl

1964 Tangerine Bowl

1965 Tangerine Bowl

1970 Tangerine Bowl

1976 Tangerine Bowl

2002 Tangerine Bowl
2003 Tangerine Bowl

2006 Texas Bowl

2008 Texas Bowl

2009 Texas Bowl

2011 TicketCity Bowl

2012 TicketCity Bowl

1944 Treasury Bond Bowl




This sight is in no way commercial and is not intended as a for profit mechanism.  The data in this section has been collected, digitalized and stored over the years since my childhood. My sources are too numerous to be listed. The photos were obtained and captured from newspapers, periodicals and the Internet. The videos are recorded from television and saved from the Internet. They are the property of their respective owners and not intended for reproduction, distribution or resale.  For the most part, the text stories of each game are taken from newspaper articles , although some I wrote myself.  Certainly, the information in all summaries originate from press sources and Internet sources such as Hickock Sports and Wikipedia. The fact is, I cannot remember some of the sources for many of the materials contained herein because I clipped and saved them so long ago. The materials in this site are a promotion for the college game and the spirit of bowl season. Helmet images contained within these pages are taken from The Helmet Project, Infinite Helmets and Helmets, Helmets, Helmet. Both pages are wonderful and highly recommended for football history.  I had to modify some helmet images and create some. I apologize if they are not of a quality consistent with those websites.


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